Size Guide


Despite our gloves being pretty true size, different styles and designs can sometimes differ, we have therefore put together a guide to ensure you have all the information you need. We recommend that you consult the dedicated measurement guide further down this page for a more accurate guide.

Making sure that you find the right fit in your goalkeeper gloves is extremely important, a correct fitting glove offers more comfort and confidence, while giving you the most natural contact with the ball. If your goalkeeping gloves are too tight, this can put a great amount of stress onto the materials, which in turn could lead to premature wear and splits. Likewise, if a glove is too loose, this could cause unnatural gripping on the ball. With that in mind, however, the fit of a glove is partly down to personal preference.

Some goalkeepers may be inclined to have a more spacious glove, and others a more snug-fitting. Glove fittings such as ‘Negative cut’ tend to be tighter, whereas some of the looser cuts such as ‘Flat Palm’ and ‘Roll Finger’ offer a looser-fitting goalkeeper glove.


How Do You Measure Your Goalkeeping Gloves?

Getting the fit right is extremely important, a correctly fitting glove means more comfort, more confidence and the most natural contact with the ball. A glove too tight can put greater stress on the materials and lead to premature wear or even splits, a glove too loose could cause an unnatural grip of the ball. With that said glove fits are a personal preference, some may prefer more space and others a more snug feel (which is why you will see some keepers opt for tighter cuts like 'Negative', or some the looser cuts like 'Flat Palm' or 'Roll Finger').

As a general rule, you measure your goalkeeping gloves from the tip of your middle finger and down to the bottom of your palm. However, you may want to consider taking into account the thickness of the goalkeeper glove, as this will inevitably add a little extra bulk to the measure. We advise that adding 0.5cm to your measurement (for purposes of caution) in order to allow for a little bit more room in your glove. For further accuracy, measure your outer palm to your thumb tip. If your glove arrives and it isn’t quite right or wasn’t what you’re expecting then consult our returns policy for further information.

What Size Goalkeeper Gloves Should I Go For?

Consult the table below to find the average glove size measures. You will find some minor differences between the models that feature different designs and cuts but, as previously mentioned, if the fit isn’t as you wish, you can swap it for another size hassle-free.





15.5 cm

13.5 cm


16.5 cm

14 cm


17.5 cm

14.5 cm


18 cm

15.5 cm


19 cm

16.5 cm


20 cm

17 cm


20.5 cm

17.5 cm


22 cm

19.5 cm